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Travel Tips

Travel Documents
Ensure that your travel documents are valid. If visa is required, ensure the sufficient number of entries is provided.

If possible, try to travel as light as possible. Carryon is strongly recommended as no check-in is required, no worry of losing your luggage and no waiting around for the luggage to be unloaded. Be sure to place your name, contact numbers and address or business card both inside and outside all your luggage, including carryon. This is absolutely essential!

What To Pack-In?
Valid passport (min 6 months validity) and other entry documents,
Vaccination certificate,
Copies of important documents,
Traveler's check serial numbers,
Driver's license,
Health insurance,
Business cards,
Transportation tickets,
Charge cards,
Traveler's checks & cash,
Security wallet or travel vest.
Right number of pants/skirts (shorts?),
Right number of shirts/blouses,
Swimming suit,
Couple of pairs of socks,
Right number of pairs of underwear,
Long underwear,
Dressy jacket or sweater,
Shoes - comfortable and dressy

First Aid:Toiletries:
Personal prescriptions,
Water purifier,
Rehydration formula,
Analgesic (aleve, tylenol),
Diarrehea (pepto-bismol, imodium & cispro),
Laxative / fiber tablets,
Antihistamine, decongestant,
Bandages, anti-biotic ointment,
Melentonin, sleeping pills,
Alcohol swabs,
Toothbrush and toothpaste,
Razor & blades,
Comb and/or brush,
Soap and shampoo,
Sun block,
Lip balm,
Skin lotion,
Nail clippers,
Viscose towel (packtowel).

Daily Life:Laundry / Repairs / Others:
Alarm watch,
Flashlight and spare batteries,
Swiss army knife,
Spare glasses or prescription,
If adventure trip - spoon & fork, compass, sun glasses, water bottle, and insect repellent.
Cloth-line (surgical tubing),
Safety pins, cord, tape, glue,
Sewing kit,
Eye glass repair kit,
Camera, batteries and plenty of film,
110/220 hair drier and adapter plugs.

Going For An Adventure Trip...

Walk This Way:
Invest in a good pair of walking shoes. Take along your "seasoned" pair, not something new that will bite. Now, you can take in the sights and sounds and stop to linger and savour anything that interest you. You will be plugged into the flow of how the folks over there live out their lives.

Back-up Support:
A backpack is not for school-kids. Get one so that you can stow away your map, light snacks, mineral-water bottle and perhaps a bottle of medicated oil. If your backpack has multiple storage slots, these will come in handy for brochures and souvenirs. Then, your hands can do best what they are supposed to do on vocation, like shopping.

Middle Management:
Similarly, a waist pouch is necessary to safe-keep your passport, money, keys and other valuables. So, there is no need to leave them with the hotel or locked up in your luggage in a room somewhere.

Drink Up:
Walking is thirsty work, so a water bottle will allow you to gulp your daily requirement of eight glasses or two liters of water. Always have some drinks in your backpack. Refill your bottle at every opportunity. The liquid keeps dehydration at bay and is especially helpful if you are jet-lagged.

Safety First:
Buy your travel insurance early. Do it once you have confirmed your travel details. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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